Nuria Morfin PhD

Technology Transfer Program Lead

Nuria comes to us with fourteen years of experience as and extensionist – acting as a link between research and industry. She has expertise in diverse areas, including Integrated Pest Management (IPM), selective breeding, and honey bee pathology. Nuria has collaborated in a number of research projects in North America, has published in reputable scientific journals, and has been an instructor of IPM, queen rearing, and honey bee biology courses.
Nuria got her PhD from the University of Guelph – Honey Bee Research Centre, where she later worked as a researcher studying the impact of stressors on health and behaviour, analyzing the mechanisms behind behavioral immunity, and studying the lipidome and metabolome profile of bees. Nuria also worked as a Bee Inspector for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). Throughout her career, she has been actively contributing to apicultural research and industry.


Becky Miller

Admin Assistant

Becky is an avid beekeeper and gardener. As soon as she moved onto her 3 acres in Nelson, she signed up for the course with West Kootenay Beekeepers. Ever since she has lovingly tended to her bees while developing the property’s vegetable and pollinating gardens to help sustain the colonies. Becky’s experience ranges in a variety of managerial and operation positions that help support the TTP and Nuria in organizing and maintaining the back end of our program.


Leilani Pulsifer

Science Communicator

Leilani (Lani) is a graduate from the University of British Columbia where she majored in Applied Animal Biology. She spent the majority of her undergrad focusing on animal welfare, conservation, and nutrition. Lani is very interested in learning more about how honey bees act as a bioindicator of their ecosystems, especially considering their vital role as pollinators and their effects on crop production and the maintenance of biodiversity. Along with her deep interest in anything animal related, Lani thoroughly enjoys practicing creativity be it through illustration, photography, or video production. She is very excited to be able to combine her passions for conservation and creativity and use her abilities to help create educational materials for beekeepers and manage the online presence of BC-TTP.