British Columbia Technology Transfer Program (BC-TTP)

The British Columbia Technology Transfer Program (BC-TTP) is part of the British Columbia Honey Producers Association (BCHPA). The main objective of the program is to work for the beekeeping industry to have healthier and more productive honey bee colonies, promote a sustainable beekeeping industry, and to help secure local food production in British Columbia.


To promote honey bee health and productivity, and to advance the sustainability of the beekeeping industry in British Columbia through research, education, and knowledge transfer.


Is to conduct bee research, generate educational resources for beekeepers, and to identify and transfer technology, skills, and methods to improve honey bee health, increase productivity, and promote local food production in British Columbia by:

  1. Collaborating with the beekeeping industry, farmers, researchers, professional associations, and government bodies.
  2. Promoting beekeeping best management practices.
  3. Promoting integrated pest management strategies.
  4. Coordinating strategies to advance the sustainability and inclusive growth of the beekeeping industry
  5. Identifying challenges faced by beekeepers and assisting the industry to find the best solutions.
  6. Providing guidance and support to beekeepers in the province.


Through research, education, and knowledge transfer work towards:

Promoting honey bee health.
Decreasing extreme overwinter colony mortality.
Increasing productivity.
Advancing sustainable beekeeping.
Securing local food production.

Steering Committee Mandate

To provide advice and help ensure the achievement and delivery of the projects by: 

Providing advice about research and educational priority areas. 
Providing advice during the planning stages and development of projects. 
Identifying potential risks. 
Monitoring the quality of the projects. 
Providing advice about changes to the projects as it develops. 
Providing support, guidance, and oversight to the members of the BC-TTP on the progress of research and educational projects. 


The BC-TTP works cooperatively with BCHPA branches, affiliates, and regional clubs. Also, with research institutes and universities, professional associations, and government bodies.

Planning and Reporting

BC-TTP develops plans with the BC-TTP Steering Committee, and reports to the BCHPA and the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Fisheries (quarterly reports).

Meeting Frequency

BC-TTP has quarterly meetings with the BC-TTP Steering Committee.